Otmar Alt

The famous artist Otmar Alt exclusively designed the cover for ADAC Westfalen e.V. on 6 August 2016:

Foto: Otmar Alt Stiftung
Foto: Otmar Alt Stiftung

Otmar Alt, born in Wernigerode in 1940, first graduated as a decorator and poster artist, before studying at the Berlin School of Fine Arts from 1960 to 1966. During his studies, he is - in the first place - dealing with the dispersal of form and surface, according to the spirit of the times. However, he finally frees himself from the informal influences in order to develop his own visual language. He intertwines luminous color surfaces into narrative, puzzle-like compositions.
Although Otmar Alt is opposed to general expectations, he has already been very successful with his first exhibitions in the second half of the 1960s. Within a few years he succeeds in attracting the attention of the international art scene and in becoming established.

Always being adventurous and looking for new artistic challenges in his creative work, Otmar Alt is not only interested in painting and graphic art. In fact, he transcends the boundaries of the different genera of visual arts and consistently advances into the periphery of artistic works. Among other things, he designs high-quality dishes, glass lamps, facades and windows. Furthermore, designs for the equipment of stage plays, stage pictures and costumes are being drafted.


Otmar Alt always remains faithful to his own unmistakable visual language. His imaginative and colorful works may often appear bright and dainty in the first place. The variety in form and design reflects his enthusiasm for experiment, curiosity and exuberance. His cheerful and colorful works of art are never without thoughtfulness. On closer examination, profound and complex stories unfold, that encourage the viewer to contemplate.


For many years Otmar Alt has been living and working in Hamm, Westphalia.